Your Complete Guide To Real Estate Investment


“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” asked the queen in the fairy tale. Then the magic mirror would respond to her with an honest answer. In reality, wouldn’t it be nice if we all have a magic mirror that can tell us all the answers we want?

For those of us who want to know how to invest in real estate but lack of knowledge and experience, a magic mirror would be perfect for us every time we have questions. Unfortunately, this mirror does not exist in real life. That is the reason why we have created this book to help, educate, and empower you like a magic mirror.

In this book, we’ll show you all the elements needed for real estate investment at two different levels. At the basic level, you’ll learn the fundamental knowledge needed for buying real estate. First, you need to separate the truths from the myths so you have a clear understanding of the subject before you start to jump onto the boat. Then we’ll show you the process in a step-by-step order, such as where you can find deals, how to analyze deals, how to make an offer and finally how to close the deal. Of course, it’s unlikely that you can succeed in this business all by yourself. That’s why we’ll also explain to you who you should partner up with.

In the advanced topics, we’ll show you more complicated concepts in real estate investment as you’re ready to take your investment to the next level. For instance, if buying a property isn’t easy for a novice investor, renovating and managing one is definitely even more challenging. We’ll show you what you can do to facilitate your property renovation and management and to protect yourself. Then, we’ll explain the different ways real estate can earn you profits (i.e. profit centers), how you can sell a purchase contract instead of the underlying property (i.e. wholesaling), and how to profit while helping people in a “rent-to-own” arrangement (i.e. lease option). And the most interesting topic of all, we’ll show you how you can invest in real estate without your own money!

THE BASICS        

CHAPTER 1 – 10 Myths about Real Estate

  • Myth #1: Real Estate is a short cut to becoming rich
  • Myth #2: Investing in real estate is very risky
  • Myth #3: You have to be wealthy to invest in real estate
  • Myth #4: The Bank is your only option for financing
  • Myth #5: You have to use a Realtor when you buy real estate
  • Myth #6: If you use a Realtor, You cannot talk to the seller directly
  • Myth #7: You need to be a slimeball to profit in the real estate business
  • Myth #8: Everyone is out to take advantage of me
  • Myth #9: Dealing with Tenants is a nightmare
  • Myth #10: You will NEVER find a good deal in real estate
  • Myth #11: There are NO deals on the MLS

CHAPTER 2 – Where to Find Good Deals              

  • What can I invest in?
  • Prospecting for deals by yourself
  • Having other people prospect for you

CHAPTER 3 – How to Analyze a Deal      

  • You can’t always trust the sellers
  • Determining your potential income and expenses
  • Income
  • General Expenses
  • Property Taxes
  • Regular maintenance
  • Property Management Expense
  • Capital Cost Expenses
  • Conclusion
  • Incorporate a realistic vacancy rate
  • Set a realistic expectation for your cash flow
  • Compare with other properties in the area
  • Home value appreciation for your target area
  • One time and closing cost expenses
  • Financing that fits your situation
  • The Property Analyzer
  • Necessary objectivity

CHAPTER 4 – Structuring a Deal & Making an Offer         

  • A good agent can help you a lot
  • Protect yourself by using escape clauses
  • Subject to satisfactory financing
  • Subject to satisfactory inspections
  • Subject to seller providing at least one year’s worth of bills
  • Subject to satisfactory inspection of the current lease
  • Subject to lawyer’s approval
  • Subject to Partners approval
  • Things besides the clauses
  • Deposit for the deal

CHAPTER 5 – Things to Consider Before Removing Your Conditions       

CHAPTER 6 – Members of Your Success Team

  • The “must-have” people in your team
  • Real estate agent or Realtor
  • Legal team members
  • Property/Home inspector
  • Money person/Mortgage Broker
  • Other professionals


CHAPTER 7 – How to Make Money with Real Estate

  • Profit center #1: Immediate equity
  • Profit center #2: Property appreciation
  • Profit center #3: Steady cash flow
  • Profit center #4: Mortgage principal reduction
  • Profit center #5: Financial leverage
  • Profit center #6: Allowable depreciation
  • Profit center #7: Reinvestment possibility

CHAPTER 8 – How to Manage Your Property      

  • Self-management
  • People management
  • Good tenants vs bad tenants

CHAPTER 9 – How to Purchase Property with NONE of Your Own Money            

CHAPTER 10 – Using Your RRSP’s to Invest with               

CHAPTER 11 – Private Mortgages

CHAPTER 12 – Renovating Your Property             

  • The renovation process
  • Step 1: Developing a scope of work
  • Step 2: Choosing a contractor
  • Step 3: Signing paperwork
  • Step 4: Managing the renovation
  • Step 5: Checking and closing procedure
  • Step 6: Preparing for sale

CHAPTER 13 – Wholesaling Real Estate

  • The wholesaling process
  • Step 1: Looking for deals
  • Step 2: Analyzing deals
  • Step 3: Buying contract setup
  • Step 4: Looking for contract buyer
  • Step 5: Closing direction
  • Step 6: Closing process

CHAPTER 14 – What is a Lease Option?

  • Setting up a Lease Option
  • Streams of cash flow in a Lease Option
  • Deposit/down payment at the beginning
  • Monthly rent throughout the term
  • Final payment at the end
  • Put it together
  • The Sandwich Lease Option

CHAPTER 15 – Commercial Real Estate 

  • Non Residential Properties
  • Residential commercial property

About the Author           

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