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Courses from ARCA Real Estate Investments

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5-homes 5 Homes To Freedom – $2,497.00 Imagine owning five rental houses and imagine that each house pays you $1,600 every month. That’s $8,000 a month of income for almost no effort!  Would this change your life and the lives of your family? Many investors understand the value of investing in real estate. But most don’t know how to create a portfolio large enough to pay them $8,000 per month. Expensive real estate gurus will charge you thousands of dollars to teach you that each rental unit will create $75 to $100/mth in passive income. This means in order to achieve $8,000/mth you would need 80 rental units or more.  Nearly impossible for most people, learning this causes many to give up on their goals of financial freedom. I know this first hand because I worked for some of these gurus. It always bothered me that they would charge investors so much money to learn how to invest; yet only a very small percentage of people were able to succeed! This program is different. This program is designed to help you achieve the goal of $8,000/mth without having to invest in 80 rentals. Imagine achieving the same cash flow of 80 rentals with only Five Houses! It is true. And this concept can be applied by anyone. Even if you have terrible credit or no cash, this program will show you step-by-step how to achieve $8,000/mth passive income or more for a very small investment.
apartment Apartment Building Wealth Generation Program – $2,497.00 Owning a house as a rental property makes sound financial sense. So if owning one makes sense, then owning more simply makes more sense. This is true and this is why so many people aspire to buy more rental properties. But this can be challenging.  Maybe you don’t think the banks will lend you any more money, or maybe you just don’t know how to buy larger properties. Perhaps when you start looking at buying a bigger property, like an apartment building, you quickly learn that the rules have changed. You are no longer dealing with a residential real estate agent. You now have to deal with commercial lenders. This can definitely be scary and intimidating especially when banks and realtors start using terms like “Debt Credit Ratio”, “CAP rates”, “Loan to Value” and many more foreign terms. It is difficult to get into the game of investing in apartment buildings. Which is why so few people actually do it; or so people think. The reality is that it can be much easier than you think!
creative Creative Real Estate Investing – $2,497.00 What exactly is “Creative Real Estate Investing”? I get this question a lot. Creative real estate investing is simply: any non-traditional method of buying and selling real estate. Most people are not aware of the different methods available for buying and selling real estate. The more common, non-traditional methods are: buying/selling with options, and using private money. But the reality is, there are countless other methods as well. The only limit is your own imagination. Behind the Scenes of the Successful Deals In this program you will see behind the scenes and appreciate firsthand the many successful deals I have made over the years. How I was able to purchase a 21-unit apartment building for only $225,000, then renovate and refinance it all within 14 months using not one cent of my own money? PLUS How I pulled out over $320,000 in equity in that same building and it is still cash flow positive? You will find out how. How to Invest with Other People’s Money Another lesson will show you how I have become an expert in using “Other People’s Money” (OPM) to achieve an infinite rate of return. Once you learn this trick you will be able to buy as much real estate as you want even if you have no money and terrible credit. The investment for this course will generate infinite returns for you beyond your wildest dreams.

Courses from SpirePoint Wealth


17 Down Payment Sources

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Creative Financing Using RRSP Mortgages

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Real Estate Profits System

A unique program in Canada that offers in-depth, online classroom-style training where you learn step-by-step how to invest in profitable Canadian real estate.
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